"Salut, im pretty sali et loin d'avoir ma merde ensemble, mais vous allez apprendre à haïr m'aiment alors moi, puis la haine et puis j'aime me" Which is French for " Hi,im pretty messed and nowhere near having my shit together but you'll learn to hate me then love me then hate and then love me"
Home Theme "m'a frappé jusqu'à mes chiennes fabuleux Bootylicious!" which is french for hit me up my fabulous Bootylicious bitches!
You have fat, your not fat. You have fingers your not fingers.

"You little shit…"

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I wish i was pretty

I wish i was thin

I wish i talked normal

I wish i could wear a bikini 

I wish i could look at my body and smile

I wish i wasn’t peoples seconds or convenient at the moment

I wish i didn’t trust easily

I wish my walls didnt fall so easily

I wish i wasn’t everybody emotional punching bag

I wish i had a backbone

I wish i was smart

I wish i had something to show for

I wish i was funny

I wish somebody wanted me

I wish somebody would take me away

I wish somebody would love me

I wish i wasn’t fucked up and had these thoughts

I wish i didn’t have to wish. 

Meghan Trainor and Nicki Minaj's ‘booty songs’ aren't as body positive as everyone thinks they are →

I found this and its talking about how the songs aren’t that positive because they discriminate against skinny people. which is completly untrue, first nicki minaj song is about booty and butts and all that and its not saying curvy girls are better its just a song about..butts. But “all about that bass” is about loving yourself even if your on the larger side. she does mention “I’m bringing booty back Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that No I’m just playing. I know you think you’re fat But I’m here to tell ya Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top”.So shes not skinny hating or anything but this song appeals more to people who are on the larger side but it for everyone. It just really pisses me off that there arent a lot of songs are role models that basically tell you to love yourself or about being a bit fat is okay. but when there is a song or a rolemodel saying whatever you are your perfect from the bottom to the top apparently now is hating on skinny people. Its just bull.


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